Sunday, March 2, 2008

The only thing stopping you is?

We have all done this about something and it would seem most people who have a challenge trying to reach a goal have a common factor- excuses. Lots and lots of reasons why they can't, won't or shouldn't achieve a goal, we have all done it.

For example if you have a goal to get in great shape - or start a self defense class.

Excuses not to:

I can't do that.
watching the kids.
I have to work.
I have 5 jobs.
That won't work for me.
I'm intimidated.
I'm to advanced for that.
It cost to much.
Traffic is to much.
I work nights, weekends ect.
I did it for 2 weeks and it didn't work.

and----------------fill in the blank.

****We have rationalized our goals away before so lets talk about MAKING IT HAPPEN .

How important is you health, fitness and personal safety to you?

**If you walked outside and had a flat tire you would begin the process to get it fixed right?

**If you were missing a large sum of money from your account you would stop everything, put that issue first and not stop until you got to the bottom of it- right.

I guarantee you would stop the excuses to fix those challenges and you would see it through.

Why? These are a priority to you, you need your car and your money and it can't wait.

We can "wait" to get in shape or "hope" we never need self defense so any goal set can easily be put on the back burner.

Lets time travel for a minute (it's fun stay with me).

You jump 12 months into the future and find that you are 35 lbs overweight, or worse you were the victim of a violent crime in which you did not survive.

Now you have a chance to re-set you goals and priorities - What are they now?

REMEMBER - Put yourself first, do it for you and never quit.

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