Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fight for Success-5 Steps to Improving You.

We all want to be, have and do better in life. The most over used phrase we all hear and use id "I'm sick and tired of being........" well you know the rest. A restless, un motivated and mundane life is much like the paint in a room. After you paint a room it looks clean, new and brings new energy and a fresh look. After a while the light fades the paint, you get tired of the same old look, the furniture no longer matches, it begins to peel and just looks bad.

Many of people choose to live in this room instead of "repainting" it. You can repaint a room very cheap and in a short amount of time.

You can also jump start your life and go in a new direction. The following are five easy steps to take to change your current state.

1. Go on a spontaneous workout that you don't normally do that involves the outdoors. Rent a kayak, go on a long bike, run on the beach and so on. Humans respond to nature in a positive manner, taking in sunlight, getting fresh air and breaking the "concrete and steel" routine we have established.

2. Throw away 15 articles of clothing then purchase 5 new articles. This gives an immediate sense of "out with the old in with the new". The old saying if you look good you tend feel good, this is true.

3. Next time your at a restaurant or coffee shop pick up a strangers tab. At a restaurant you can remain anonymous, just tell the waiter -I will pay for there meal. You can even set aside money to do this every so often. If you mumbling that you don't have the money-well trust me you do. Four trips to Starbucks a week can add up to 90 bucks a month, not to mention if you can cut into any of your poor spending habits to do this. Giving is a perfectly selfish act so why not do it. Most people think it's un selfish to give, this is wrong-you feel great when you give, especially at random. So if you feel great than it serves you- be selfish and's a great feeling and you will leave a lasting impression on someone forever.

4. For a solid 3 weeks get the right amount of sleep and exercise 3-5 times a week. So many people have been living on little sleep and little to no exercise for years and years on end with no break in this routine. This cycle alone can create that "heavy lead jacket" feeling that many have. It creates tremendous stress, accelerates aging due to cortisol and poor immune function, robs us of our creativity and ambition. Three weeks will establish a new pattern and remind you what it feels like to "feel normal again"----remember what it feels lie to be a kid? It's time to get that back!!

5. Financial fitness. First pay of a old nagging debt that you can do quickly. Next start a savings account that automatically saves, out of site out of mind. If you already have a savings account up the weekly limit 20%. Last Go out and buy yourself something that isn't outrageous but you have been wanting for a while.This is why we work, treat yourself because if you don't it won't happen and you may spend the money anyway. Mumbling that you cant afford to save, pay a debt or buy anything. If you went out side and had two flat tires on your car what would you do? I can bet you would have it fixed that same day spending hundreds to do it. Why-because it's important and a must that your car works. It's funny how we rationalize priorities- If you would fix your tires within 48 hrs- you can accomplish this step.

In conclusion: Try to realize how you can change and how quick it can be done. These steps are simple and easy to accomplish and everyone of them focuses on you. Many time just doing one of these can radically change your frame of mind- Get busy improving you!

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