Monday, October 8, 2012

Cobra Defense and Chris Sutton Featured on Radio Talk Show "Eye On The Nation"

Chris Sutton was recently featured on "Eye On The Nation" Radio Talk Show cover Central Florida and around the Nation.

Chris covered topics such as :

**7 Deadly sins people make everyday
** Real child safety training & Tips
**The Dangers of Social Media
**The Psychology of Real Life Self Defense
**Fire Arm Safety
**Anti- Abduction awareness
**What really works and what absolutely doesn't
*****And numerous other topics

The Cobra Defense Interview was over 30 minutes and has 3 separate links so to hear the entire show be sure to go through each link.

Chris Sutton-Cobra Defense Radio Interview Part1
Chris Sutton-Cobra Defense Radio Interview Part 2
Chris Sutton -Cobra Defense Radio Interview Part 3

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