Sunday, February 24, 2008

No superior Martial arts-Only Martial artist

Enough with the my style this and this arts is better than that. The uninformed public is affected by individuals who swore by one style and talk down on another. It sends a confusing message to those who would like to start training in the arts.

Martial Arts have been around for thousands of years. Nobody has invented a new technique for generations we just keep coming up with new names. Martial artist of old needed their skill for survival on a regular basis - IT HAD TO WORK!

Truth be told every martial art is absolutely GREAT and if you are not training you have no idea what your missing. The benefits of martial arts training is endless. Think about it, martial arts is the longest running workout/ protection program . Why, because it really works and it's not a fad.

Weather it's karate, TKD, mixed martial arts, judo, aikido ect.. it doesn't matter- it's still a martial art.
If you ever speak to someone and they inform you how Great "their" art is and how superior it is to all else- RUN!! This person is bad for the industry and a serious impostor however probably a nice person.

Remember - Stay safe & Train Hard

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